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The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation exhibits in the Havana Biennial

CIFO: Una mirada múltiple. Selections from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection
at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Havana

The newly launched CIFO Europa, has organized CIFO: Una mirada múltiple. Selections from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection and its presentation at the Museo Nacional de Bella Artes in Havana, Cuba. Curated by Osbel Suárez, the exhibition will coincide with the 11th Havana Biennial, from May 11th – June 11th, 2012, and will remain open to the public through August 20, 2012. This exhibit marks the first time a complete exhibition containing works from the contemporary art holdings of the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection are exhibited outside of CIFO’s walls.

The exhibition, CIFO: Una mirada multiple, showcases a cross section of the collection and presents to the public a compilation of works by over 60 artists from North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, who have witnessed and played key roles in changes that have occurred in the most significant trends in art over the last fifty years. Some of the artist included on this exhibition are Marina Abramović, Vito Aconci, John Baldessari, Sophie Calle, María Fernanda Cardoso, Olafur Eliasson, Tracy Emin, Eugenio Espinoza, Andreas Gursky, Mona Hatoum, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jenny Holzer, William Kentridge, José Kosuth, Barbara Kruger, Ana Mendieta, Gupta Subdoh, Ai Wei Wei and also featuring emerging and mid-career artists who hold key significance for the Collection’s patron and CIFO’s Founder and President, Ella Fontanals-Cisneros.

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El Mac

El Mac

El corazón de un sueño palpita entre mis manos (The Heart of a Dream Beats Within My Hands)

Photo courtesy the artist

Unveiled Historical Mural During the 11th Havana Biennial

The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Primary Flight and the

Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC)

The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) Europe, Primary Flight and Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC) joined forces to promote and implement cultural projects that contribute to the promotion and dissemination of art and contemporary artists during the 11th Havana Biennial. The first initiative was street intervention with the participation of one of the most popular graffiti artists of our time: El MAC. The project titled: El corazón de un sueño palpita entre mis manos (The Heart of a Dream Beats Within My Hands) was presented on G Street between 13 and 15 of the city of Havana.

“I wanted to paint something responsible, something that inspired people, something relevant,” said EL MAC, “I ended up painting a large figure of a local cook-Adis Naranjo. She is represented in a powerful, hopeful way while looking into the heavens. The color around her hands implies energy, creativity and power. The title of the mural El corazón de un Sueño palpita entre mis manos comes from a poem by the great Cuban poet Jose Angel Buesa. To participate in this initiative was a once in a lifetime opportunity and an honor.”

The joint effort of the newly founded CIFO Europe, a subsidiary of Miami CIFO, Primary Flight and UNEAC was created to strengthen the foundation’s mission to promote cultural exchange and promote contemporary art in Latin America. The presentation of the mural coincides with the 11th Havana Biennial to be held from May 11 to June 11, 2012.

Marina Abramović

Nude with Skeleton, 2002-2005

Courtesy the Artist

Artist as Historian: Guided tour with Eugenio Espinoza

Marina Abramović presents at the 11th Havana Biennial and was granted Doctor honoris causa

Marina Abramović visits Cuba for the first time to participate in the 11th Havana Biennial. Her works are featured pieces of the as part of CIFO: Una mirada múltiple. Selections from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection and its presentation at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Marina visited to present her film The Artist Is Present to an eager public in the recently reopened Miramar movie theater. Additionally, the audience witnessed the strength of her solo presence, the intensity of her glance, her dialogues with the public and even her exchanges with students at ISA. For this she was also granted the title of Doctor honoris causa by the Institute for the Arts of the University of the Arts in Cuba.

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Installation view of Viewpoint: 2011 Grants & Commissions Program Exhibition

Photo: Oriol Tarridas

CIFO Curatorial Achievement Award

The CIFO Curatorial Achievement Award is on the of the Foundation’s way of recognizing the contributions of its Honorary Advisory Committee. Since the inception of the CIFO”s Grants and Commissions Program in 2004, the art professionals who comprise this committee have nominated and participated in the selection of the annual recipients to this program. This new quadrennial award is designed to recognize the two advisory committee members whose nominations have produced the most award recipients. These curators will be invited to co-curate an exhibition with Ella Fontanals Cisneros Collection and CIFO Art Foundation Collection. This year, this exhibition will coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach in celebration of CIFO’s 10th Anniversary.

2012 CIFO Curatorial Achievement Award Recipients

José Roca 1st Place

José Roca is a curator based in Bogotá, Colombia. Most recently he served as the Chief Curator of the 8th Mercosul Biennial. Previously, he was the artistic director of Philagrafika 2010: The Graphic Unconscious – a festival of contemporary graphic art taking place in 2010 in various exhibition spaces in Philadelphia, USA. He is responsible numerous other curatorial contributions dating from 2003 to 2010 in various countries in Latin America and Europe.

Moacir do Anjos 2nd Place

Moacir do Anjos is a curator and art critic based in Racife, Brazil. Most recently he was a curator of the Brazilian Pavillion at 2011 Venice Biennale, Chief-Curator of the 29th São Paulo Biennial (2010), co-curatorod the 2007 Mercosul Biennial and curator of the 2007 edition of Panorama da Arte Brasileira at the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. Dos Anjos is a Research Fellow at the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco. Recife, Brazil and was director of the Museu de Arte Moderna Aloísio Magalhães (Mamam), also in Recife (2001-2006) and curated numerous solo exhibitions in Brazil from 2008 – 2010.

Still from Maurice Lemaître’s Le Film est déjà commencé? (Has the Film Already Started?) 1951 65 minutes

Kaira Cabaña

Lecture at CIFO Art Space

Talk: Lettrist Cinema’s Public Education: Maurice Lemaître’s Séances

July 6th, 2012. 6-8 pm

CIFO Art Space

This lecture turns to Maurice Lemaître’s designation of his Lettrist work in film as a “séance de cinéma.” With his Le Film est déjà commencé? (Has the Film Already Started?, 1951), the audience and entire theater staff became part of the work. Here, nonsynchronization occurs not only between image and sound (as with Isidore Isou, pioneer of Lettrism) but also between what is on and off screen. I situate Lemaître’s “séance” in relation to the ciné-club tradition, a popular educational venue for learning about film. I thereby account for his work’s incorporation of live debate as central to the séance as well as its pedagogical and communicative conceit.

Le Film est déjà commencé? will be screened just after the talk. (The film is 65 minutes.)

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Michelangelo Pistoletto

Il peso dell’immagine, 1976

Courtesy the artista

Il peso della imagine, 1976, Micheal Pistoletto

Text by Osbel Suarez

Il weight della immagine (The weight of the image), 1976, of Michelangelo Pistoletto (Biella, Italy, 1933) is one of the CIFO’s most recent acquisitions in its effort to expand its collection of artists that explore the artistic languages emerging after the second half of the 20th century.

Pistoletto belongs to the group of artists that during the sixties react head-on against the movements most captivated by the artistic panorama: the pop music and the Op Art and comes to discover them as immersed inside a consumer-based society and excessively dominated by the technological enthusiasm. In exchange, proposes the use of industrial waste and scarce noble materials, which confirms him as one of the forefathers of the art povera.

His work -in spite of its changing nature-, as he has publicly admitted, is recognized to a large extent by the use of mirrors in his rich polysemic complexity. The references with which most frequent occurrence around its cuadri spechianti go since the myth of Narcissus (reading with which not identified) to the Great Glass, of Marcel Duchamp. In this sense, Pistoletto aims to his well-known text from 1982 The Mirror:” We can duplicate all the things in the reflection of the mirror. If we want to give its double to the mirror, we must divide into two parts; then, with each part being reflected in the other, will be able to create an infinite amount of itself. Thus, in the division of the unit, of the uniqueness represented by the mirror, we have the principle of the multiplication (…). In my work I attempt to declare in all the ways and with all the forms the extraordinary representation of the being, without leaving that the clean water of the reservoir be clouded -the mirror- from where arises the imaginative energy that, in its exceptionality, more than in no other thing, refers to the extraordinary property of the nature”.

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