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Name Media Nationality
Miguel Amat Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Other,
Jose Figueroa
Fernando Pareja & leidy Chavez Computer Arts/Animation, Drawing, Installation, Multimedia, Sculpture, Colombia
(Gustavo Dieguez & Lucas Gilardi Arquitectos) a77 Installation, Other, Argentina
Eduardo Abaroa Installation, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Sculpture, Video, Mexico
Iván Abreu Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Photography, Other, Mexico
Pablo Accinelli Argentina
Manuel Acevedo Drawing, Installation, Photography, Video
Gabriel Acevedo Perú
Pavel Acosta Drawing, Painting, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Photography, Video, Cuba
Daniel Acosta Artist Book, Drawing, Installation, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Brazil
Rebecca Adorno Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Other, Puerto Rico
Marcos Agudelo Builes Drawing, Installation, Other, Painting, Video Nicaragua
Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba Artist Book, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Other, Mexico
Fernando Rubio Ahumada Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Video Colombia
Alejandra Alarcón Artist Book, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Video, Bolivia
Keila alaver Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Brazil
Ricardo Alcaide Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Venezuela
Eduardo Alcón Quintanilha Installation, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Photography, Video, Brazil
Esteban Aldrete Mexico
Ana Alenso Installation, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Venezuela
Carlos Alfonso Artist Book, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture, Colombia
Alejandro Almanza Pereda Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Mexico
Efrain Almeida Brazil
Paulo Almeida
Narda Alvarado Artist Book, Computer Arts/Animation, Drawing, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Video, Other, Bolivia
Esteban Álvarez Installation, Sculpture, Argentina
Miguel Alvear Mixed Media, Performance/Multidisciplinary, Photography, Video, Ecuador
Ricardo Alzati Mixed Media, Mexico

This Artist Index is a growing database of visual artists from Latin America who are creating some of the most challenging and innovative work today. This listing originated from all the artists who have ever been nominated to one of CIFO's Grants and Commissions Programs since its inception in 2004. Today it also includes all of the artists who are part of the CIFO Art Community online.

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