The Dichotomy Between Order & Chaos


Pablo Accinelli Cropped

Pablo Accinelli is an Argentinean artist who develops analytical mechanisms to create artistic investigations. With the language and tools of geometry, Accinelli explores the dichotomy between order and chaos, the external and the internal, present and past, the literal and the metaphorical.

A Look Inside:

For his proposed project, Pablo Accinelli has developed a program with a modular typography which varies with the context of the letters and its use. Because the typography ultimately changes, Accinelli had to develop a specialized software with the help of a programmer. Accinelli will compose verses and choruses using Reggae lyrics from songs by: Alton Ellis, Black Uhuru, Abyssinians, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Yellowman, Ken Boothe, Jimmy Cliff and others. The invented typography will then be actuated, exported as vector files and printed on a variety of materials and displayed within different parts of the CIFO Art Space.


Born Argentina, 1983

Education Studied with the artists Alejandro Puente and Diana Aisenberg.

Awards Lucio Fontana award, 2006 Poetry Scholarship from the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, 2007 Scholarship from the Intercampos Telefónica Foundation, 2014 Grants & Commissions Award from CIFO.

Selected Exhibitions Polygraphic Triennial (Puerto Rico), Frame-Frieze (London), Luisa Strina Gallery (São Paulo), Biennial (São Paulo).



Project Proposal Images: