Connection Between Astronomy & Music


Adrian Regner Chavez Cropped

Adrian Regnier is an accomplished Mexican artist who works with a variety of mediums including: computer arts/animation, drawing and video.

A Look Inside:

The theme of his latest project, C Multiple Interpretation of the Stellar Order revolves around the analysis, practice and connection made between astronomy and music. The project consists of video-art production, sound/audio experimentation and panoramic star mapping based on observation and tracking of the sky at night. Regnier is working on a system that can map star movements, converting them into a pentagram pattern. As the pattern is read, it will provide a unique sound and melody to the stellar order of the spring.


Born Mexico, 1989

Education Degree in Visual Arts from La Esmeralda -National School of Sculpture, Painting and Printmaking (Mexico).

Awards Beca Jovenes Creadores 2013-2014, del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, 2014 Grants & Commissions Award from CIFO.

Selected Exhibitions FONLAD@Proyector 2014, Intermediae, at 'Matadero Madrid' / Spain, 2014; Proyector 2014@Theredoom, Theredoom gallery / Spain, 2014; Videonomad I @Dak’Art, Raw Material Company Center, during the contemporary art biennal Dak’Art / Senegal, 2014; Anime lontane, anime distanza, SPE – Spazio Performatico ed Espositivo / Italia, 2014; Notas Contra Notas, Museum of Art Carrillo Gil / México, 2013;  Magmart: VIII Edition, in Casoria´s Contemporary Art Museum / Italia, 2013.



Project Proposal Images: