Emerging Artist Award


MataderoAlana Iturralde was born in Illinois, 1988 and lives in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She has a Bachelor in Sculpture from the School of Fine arts and Design of Puerto Rico (2007-2011). She has participated in various art residencies and independent initiatives for the arts. Iturralde participated in a fellow at Beta-Local independent study program at San Juan, Puerto Rico (2011-2012) and assisted at the Capacete Summer School for young artist in Rio Janeiro, Brazil (2012). Following these experiences, she organized a first individual exhibition independently at Cybelle Cartagena Studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico titled “All that is solid melts into air” (2014), where she made her first formal explorations with textiles. As a result after this exhibition, she was invited to Matadero Madrid Culture Center for the Arts in Madrid where she formed part of a production residency for two months at “el Ranchito”, culminating in a presentation of her work at 'Detener/Continuar' with “Manifesto to Fragility” (2015). Recently, she is a recent proud recipient of The CIFO Art Foundation Emerging Artist Grant in Miami, Florida. She will be developing a piece using ceramics titled “Energy Vessels” during a five month period in Puerto Rico to eventually have it be exhibited in Miami during the month of September (2017).




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A Look Inside:



Chicago, Illinois. (Lives and works in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.)




Bachelor in Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico (2011).




CIFO Grants & Commissions Program 2017 (Emerging Artist Award). Florida, USA. | Fellow artist at Beta-Local independent study program. San Juan, Puerto Rico (2011-2012). | Capacete Summer School for Young Artist. Rio Janeiro, Brazil (2012). | Matadero Madrid “El Ranchito” artist residency. Madrid, Spain (2015).



Selected Exhibitions

CIFO Grants & Commissions Program Exhibition 2017 (Emerging Artist Award). Florida, USA. | “Manifesto to Fragility” at Matadero Madrid. Madrid, Spain (2015). | “All that is solid melts into air” first individual exhibition. San Juan, Puerto Rico (2014).