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Daniela Serna (b.1991) is a Colombian artist who lives and works in Medellin, Colombia.


“I am interested in questioning the reading, the relativity of language, the relationship between reader and author and the social systems established through discourse. These inquiries have allowed me to understand literature and texts in general, not as closed entities but as spaces of intersections in which the individual, the content and the context, are subject to a series of rules derived from the symbolic forms that constitute our cultural tradition.


It is by altering those rules that I seek to generate, through artistic media, new semantic and visual connections that allow the association of texts and objects with other images, other ideas, other meaning. For this, I take materials and experiences of my own reading process, and through sculptures and installations I generate adjacent readings that make it possible to mobilize and deconstruct the texts; questioning the "objective truth" of reading, the coherence of discourse, identity imaginaries and collective memory.” – Daniela Serna.


Serna holds a MFA  University of Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia) and her work has been exhibited in several art fairs such as Odeon and Timebag in Colombia.


Photo courtesy of the artist


A Look Inside:


Medellín, Colombia. April 26, 1991. Lives and works in Medellín, Colombia.




MFA, University of Antioquia. Medellín, Colombia (2012).


Awards and residencies

Award. Beca de Circulación. Convocatoria de Estímulos para el Arte y la Cultura, Secretaría de Medellín. Medellín, Colombia (2017); Finalist. Convocatoria Nuevos Talentos en el Arte de la Cámara de Comercio de Medellín. Medellín, Colombia (2016). Artist-in-residence. PROJECT ROOM. Bogotá, Colombia (2017). Artist-in-residence. COMETA. Sao Paulo, Brazil (2016).



Selected Exhibitions 


“CuBo.X”, Casa Tres Patios. Medellín, Colombia (2013); “Entre líneas”, Sala de Exposiciones de Comfenalco La Playa. Medellín, Colombia (2012). “Paisajes literarios”, Parque Biblioteca San Javier. Medellín, Colombia (2012).




“Articulé, no sin un temblor”, Galería Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo. Medellín, Colombia (2017). “Nuevos talentos en el arte 2016”, Cámara de Comercio de Medellín. Medellín, Colombia (2016); Odeón Art Fair, Feria de Arte Contemporáneo. Bogotá, Colombia (2016); “Contexto: Palaba, escritura y narración en el arte contemporáneo”, Universidad Nacional. Medellín, Colombia (2016); “Umbral 15”, EAFIT University. Medellín, Colombia (2015); “La canción de la ballena”, Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo. Medellín, Colombia (2015).