Mid-Career Artist Award


Nicolás Paris (b. 1977) is a Colombian artist whose work is closely linked to questions about education and pedagogical strategies.


His method of work, based mainly on the act of drawing, dialogue and architecture, seeks to initiate open and experimental learning processes to produce and exchange knowledge and find new ways of being together.


“Central to my practice is the role of classroom structures and pedagogical strategies. I worked as a schoolteacher in rural Colombia for a number of years before dedicating myself to art, which allowed me to live the experience of teaching as well as to be aware of the importance of developing systems to resignify the educational processes. This has become a major topic of my artistic projects in which I employ and speculate with pedagogical tactics within the exhibition context in order to encourage collaborative, open-ended research with participant/spectators in laboratory-like environments”. “…for me, the artistic work is not an end-result in and of itself, but rather a starting point and catalyst for a more elusive, ephemeral and polyvalent experience”. –Nicolás Paris.






Photo courtesy of the artist


A Look Inside:


Bogota, Colombia, 1977. Lives and works in Bogota.




Education residency program – INHOTIM. Brumadinho - MG, Brazil (2012) | MUSAC, Leon, Spain (2007-2008).


Awards and residencies

Artist in residency – KADIST Paris. Paris, France (Fall 2013) | Artist in residency – FAAP/30th Sao Paulo Biennale. Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012) | Museum as Hub residency – THE UNGOVERNABLES. New Museum Triennial. New York, USA (2012-2013) | Residency program “Artistas en Disponibilidad” – 7ª Biennial of MERCOSUR. Porto Alegre, Brazil (2009) | BBVA Art Salon – Acquisition, BBVA Colombia Collection. Bogota, Colombia (2006) | Fondo para la Acción Ambiental y la Niñez 2005- 2007– Selected Project, Asociación Macarena. La Macarena-Bogota, Colombia.


Selected Exhibitions 


Between Tomorrow and yesterday or the paths of a detour. Luisa Strina Gallery. Sao Paulo, Brazil (2018) | Exercises for sowing lightning. CaixaForum. Barcelona, Spain (2017) | Four Variations of nothing or talking about that which has no name. Berardo Collection Museum. Lisbon, Portugal (2016) | PETRICOR. NC Arte. Bogota, Colombia (2016) | Micro Events or the possibility of being wrong. Eugenio de Almeida Forum. Evora, Portugal (2015) | The dialogue, the rumor, the light and the hours or (a place to contemplate the transformation). Elba Benitez Gallery.Madrid, Spain (2015), among others.




Postada Projects: Artist's correspondences at school. MACBA. Barcelona, Spain (2018) | Drawing Notebooks: Reunions of graphic memory. Casa Republicana-Luis Angel Arango Library. Bogota, Colombia (2017) | Human Being_Urban Being. Galería Abierta (project in public spaces). Mexico D.F, Mexico (2017) | Boa Sorte com os vossos esforços naturais, combinados, atrativos e verdadeiros em duas esposicões. Forum Eugénio de Almeida, Evora, Portugal (2017) | The missing hours. Artista X Artista. La Habana, Cuba (2016), among others.