Mid-Career Artist Award


Yucef Merhi (b. 1977) is a Venezuelan artist, whose practice involves the use of data, electronic circuits and other devices.


“I have been exploring the interconnections between language and technology, creating interactive environments, computer based works and digital applications, while proposing various ways to experience natural language and code. The comprehension of this duet led me to develop methods and machines in order to address social, political, and philosophical issues”. –Yucef Merhi.








Photo courtesy of the artist







A Look Inside:


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1977. Lives and works in Miami, USA.




Physics and Philosophy at Universidad Central de Venezuela (Caracas), The New School (New York), and holds a Master’s in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University.


Awards and residencies

Second Place, “30th Biennial of Graphic Arts,” Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2013) | Interactive Telecommunications Program Fellowship, New York University (2011) | New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Digital/Electronic Arts (2009) | First Prize, “III Salón Hebráica,” Caracas, Venezuela (2005) | AIM -Artists in the Market Place, Bronx Museum of the Arts (2004) | Nominated for Rockefeller New Media Fellowship (2003) | Nominated for Louis Comfort Tiffany Biennial Award (2001).


Selected Exhibitions 


“Soulless Security,” Proyecto Visible / PINTA, Miami (2017) | ”Interceptaciones,” Revolver Galería, Lima, Perú (2016) | “Perfect Language: Maya,” Concepción 41, La Antigua, Guatemala (2015) | “Art Numérique: Maximum Security,” PINTA, London, UK. (2013) | “Quetzalcoatl,” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Caracas, Venezuela (2012), among others.




“Origins+Journeys,” ” ACM SIGGRAPH, Vancouver, Canada (2018) | “Caracas Reset!,” La Colonie, Paris, France (2018) | “#00 Bienal de Habana,” MUD Foundation, Miami (2018) | “Authenticate,” Cypress College Art Gallery, California (2018) | “III Screen City Biennial,” Stavanger, Norway (2017) | “Hey! You! Get Off of My Cloud,” CP Projects Space - SVA, New York (2017) | “Anti-Readymade,” Espacio Monitor, Caracas, Venezuela (2017) | “CYBERCY: Exploring the Post-Internet Human Matrix,” Gallery of Contemporary Art - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (2017), among others.