Emerging Artist Award


Wb Illich Castillo

María José Machado (b. 1984) is an Ecuadorian artist, manager, teacher, and cultural producer who lives and works in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Artist dedicated to action, performance and installation art. In his different stages of production on artistic practices, the abject, the physical resistance, the cultural rights and the visual poetry, have become potentialities together with the public space.


“I use myself as interface of creation, as a logistic tool, as a mean of communication; my body is a possibility and a choice to look for a non-colonizing art, I use spaces that I can inhabit. I mediate the public space as a right to hack the blind spots of cities”. – María José Machado.






Photo courtesy of the artist


A Look Inside:


Cuenca, Ecuador, 1984. She currently lives and works in Cuenca, Ecuador.




Master in Theory and Philosophy of Art, University of Cuenca, Ecuador (2010) | Degree in Visual Arts, Applied Arts. University of Cuenca, Ecuador (2007).


Awards and residencies

Invited Artist to Cuenca International Biennial, Cuenca, Ecuador (2018) | Performance Residence. La karacola kasa de experimentación y konvivencia artística with Juan Montelpare (Argentina). Quito (2014).


Selected Exhibitions and Actions


“La Piedad”. Photo-action with artist Julio Mosquera. Women artists. Sala Adentro. Cuenca (2018) | “Sapientia”. Action in public space. invisibility of the female artista. Central University. Quito (2017) | “Artefactos y Artilugios -artistas cuencanos en acción”. Documentation of action in public space. Museo de la Ciudad. Dirección de Cultura, Educación y Deportes. Cuenca (2017) | “Código 11. Activismo artístico”. Marimachas Art Collective, Calderón Park. Ni una Menos March. Cuenca (2017) | “Cremé de la cremé”. Participatory action. Marimachas Art Collective. Proceso Hall. CCENA. Cuenca (2016) | “Gula. Acción de resistencia”. Marimachas Art Collective. Estudio N. Guayaquil (2016) | “Chapui-Aequator, art contemporain de l'Équateur”. Paris-France (2016), among others.