Not Me: Subject to Change

Not Me: Subject to Change




“Not Me”: Subject to Change. CIFO 2012 Grants & Commissions Program Exhibition is the 9th edition of the Foundation’s program which supports emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from Latin America. It features newly commissioned works by Eduardo Abaroa (Mexico), Francisca Aninat (Chile), Julieta Aranda (Mexico, Germany, USA), Tamar Guimarães (Brazil, Denmark), Glexis Novoa (Cuba, USA), Daniela Ortiz (Peru, Spain), Marta María Perez Bravo (Cuba, Mexico) and Marisa Rubio (Argentina).


The sculptures, installations, drawings, performances and videos included in “Not Me”: Subject to Change all allude to the body in a range of ways: From the subtle to the overt, signaled to commanding, violent to intangible. The title of the exhibition, as well as its catalogue, is loosely inspired by Donald Winnicott’s psychoanalytic theory of the first “not me possession:” a transitional object that moves the child into his or her first understanding of their body as an independent entity.


This shift into self-awareness takes the child from the illusion of supremacy (commanding the fulfillment of its essential needs at will) into a world of shared experiences filled with the successes and disillusions of its quest for dominance over his or her objects of desire. This transitional object—space or experience—in Winnicott terms, paves the way for understanding and navigating the intermediacy and distance between inner and outer experiences. In the case of the works included in this exhibition, however, the title reflects the way artists convey or invoke the body in their navigation through an increasingly complex contemporary existence: one replete with rapidly changing conditions, boundaries, borders and timelines.


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