Berta Sichel

Berta Sichel is an independent curator based in Brazil and Spain. She recently curated BACI, the first contemporary art Biennial of Cartegena de Indias in Colombia. From 2000-2011 she was the Director of the Department of Film and Video at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. In 2006, she selected from the Reina Sofia’s historical video collection covering the period from 1963-1986, and presented the exhibition First Generation: Art and Moving Image. When she lived in Europe, Sichel extensively lectured in many countries (Germany, Italy, France and Portugal, among others). She has curated exhibitions for institutions such as the former Whitney Museum (Connecticut), ArtPace (San Antonio), and many others. Sichel is an art critic with texts having been published in several publications in South America and Europe. Among other prizes and awards, she was a recipient of the 1998 Guggenheim Fellowship in Humanities/Fine Art Research.